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Cybercrimes Guide Launching Soon!

This book is a comprehensive guide to law enforcement in the digital age. It provides an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities of policing in the 21st century. 300+ Pages full of knowledge in the Cyber Quadfecta! Forensics, Intelligence, Security, and Response, this guide will be a one size fits all approach to law enforcement, and cyber-crime investigations.

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Chapters of the Book

Chapter 1: Hardware of a Computer

Chapter 2: Data and Storage

Chapter 3: Processing and Memory (RAM / ROM)

Chapter 4: Introduction to Computing

Chapter 5: File Types

Chapter 6: I/O Data Manipulation (In / Out Connections)

Chapter 7: Servers / Back-end / Cloud Computing

Chapter 8: Digital Forensics Methodology

Chapter 9: Encryption and Hashing

Chapter 10: Metadata

Chapter 11: Steganography

Chapter 12: Write Blocking and Imaging (Bit Copy)

Chapter 13: Search and Seizure of Devices

Chapter 14: Registry Analysis

Chapter 15. Acquisitions and File System Analysis

Chapter 16: Memory Forensics

Chapter 17: Introduction to Networking

Chapter 18: Introduction to Programming

Chapter 19: Introduction to Cyber Security

Chapter 20: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Chapter 21: Introduction to Cybercrime

Chapter 22: Introduction to Criminal Investigations Pertaining to Cybercrimes

Chapter 23: Introduction to Surface Web Analysis

Chapter 24: Introduction to Dark Web Operations

Chapter 25: Introduction to Report and Search Warrant Writing

Chapter 26: Digital Currencies and Blockchain Analytics

Chapter 27: Metaverse and Gaming

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