About OakThorn Digital

OakThorn Digital is a High Technology Digital Forensics and Intelligence Company. Our mission is to deliver world class high technology digital forensics and intelligence solutions and services to individuals, business, and government clientele. We stand prepared for the future of the information age.

OakThorn Digital is a Delaware based C Corporation, Veteran Owned, and specializing in the following:

Digital Forensics Services

Digital Executor Services

Data Recovery and Acquisitions Services

Data Analysis Services

Open Source Intelligence

Law Enforcement Training

Vision: To create and sustain a multi-functional process of data acquisition, analysis, and reporting for all forms of stakeholders in the innovative technologies. OakThorn Digital is well-versed in digital forensics of cryptocurrencies, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. OakThorn Digital strives to maintain the legacy standards in forensics, intelligence, and security.