Our story

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Why we are Here?

Founded by Jonathan and Brandy Williams, OakThorn is centered to assist communities, small businesses, governments, and individuals that need help protecting themselves, or finding the facts.

Who We Are?

Oak Thorn, created in 2021, was named after the stag Eikþyrnir, or in Norse, Oak Thorny. Eikþyrnir, according to Norse Mythology, was a stag that stood upon Valhalla and watched over the majestic hall. It would then resonate into the plan of OakThorn today.

What We Do?

The company is a West Virginia based S Corporation, Veteran Owned, and specializing in the following intelligence and historical services and consultations:


Gathering What is Already Out There.

Open-Source Intelligence

Threat Intelligence

Genealogical Research


Deep Dive to Support a Open or Cold Case.


Investigations Support

DNA Reverse Genealogy

Crypto Investigations


Practice How You Play!

Dark Range

OSINT Training

Cryptocurrency Training



CySense Protection

Internet Security Services

Perimeter Security Services and Consultations

Network Security Services

Endpoint / Device Security Services

End User Security Services

Meet The Team


Jonathan Williams

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CEO and Crypto SME

25+ Years in Law Enforcement, Over Several Years in Computers, Cyber Intelligence, Security, and Forensics Cases and Support. Holds Several Industry Certifications and Three Degrees including a MA in Criminal Justice.

Specializes in Digital Assets and Open Source Investigations


Brandy Williams

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COO & History SME

20+ Years of Historical and Genealogical Research Experience. Holds a BA in History and an MA in Historical Studies with Anthropology and Archeological Classes and Fieldwork.

Specializes in Folklore, Antiquities, and Genealogy