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Digital Forensics and Digital Executor Services

With over two decades of computer forensics, open-source intelligence, and data recovery experience, OakThorn is in a position to be the “tip of the spear” in developing a digital mortician and digital forensics service to all.

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Data Recovery and Acquisitions Services

Recovery of data from all types of storage devices, whether the device is malfunctioning, or not working correctly, we can triage, and possibly recover all data from the device. Focus primarily on the acquiring of data from all Smart Devices, Internet of Things Modules, Computers, Servers, Vehicles, Drones, Etc.

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Data Analysis Services

Examination of data is the overall analysis phase of all data present that is within the scope of an investigation. Data Analysis Services takes any bit by bit replicated and verifiable image and analyzes the data for evidence of a criminal act or circumstantial evidence of that act. Or it be a lost or missing file or files, maybe a civil suit against a former employee or company.

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Digital Executor Services

Everyone nowadays has a digital footprint, which is an overall umbrella of digital information about a person on the internet in cyberspace. This could come in the form of social media, cloud storage, emails, etc. When someone passes, their digital footprint does not. The Digital Executor will deal with the digital assets of a loved one with privacy, discretion, and respect.