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Digital Executor Services

A Personalized Service for Digital Footprint and Forensics Support for the recently deceased and their next of kin.

Think of it as Tech Support for the Deceased.

Assessment of the Digital Estate

OakThorn Digital will evaluate the deceased's devices to the extent of the data storage and devices. This service includes reviewing computers, smart devices, and Internet of Things (online presence) for the size and scope of the data stores. An estimate will then be created, including a list of incorporated devices and storage to be cataloged and reviewed or analyzed.


Acquisitions of Assets and Data

The next phase of the package occurs upon agreement of the estimate. The OakThorn Digital team will conduct a full acquisition of the devices and online storage in image format for analysis. This will consist of data retrieval, and preservation in an ethical legal manner. Our team will also secure and transport any devices which are not immediately needed by the family. Otherwise, our team will wipe the device and reset to factory default upon verification of a pristine image and copy.


Analysis of Data

OakThorn Digital will process the acquired images collecting digital assets together in one bundle. While important files are being exported, the team will also compile a report with a list of all files located and their significance.


Reporting and Presentation

The OakThorn Digital team will then present the executor or next of kin with a full report of their findings, a hard drive with all files organized for viewing. Devices will be factory reset or wiped and reinstalled with the latest operating system, providing a clean environment. This enables the next of kin or executor complete control over their family’s assets and their devices.

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