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High Technology Forensics and Intelligence Services

With over two decades of computer forensics, open-source intelligence, and data recovery experience, OakThorn Digital is in a position to be the “tip of the spear” in developing a digital executor, intelligence, and digital forensics services to all.

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High Technology Digital Forensics Support

OakThorn Digital offers recovery of data from storage devices. Regardless if the device is malfunctioning, or working incorrectly, we are able to triage, and recover data from the device.


This package focuses on the acquisition of data from all Smart Devices, Internet of Things Modules, Computers, Servers, Vehicles, Drones, and more.

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Open-Source Intelligence Support and Data Analysis Services

OakThorn Digital will perform intelligence gathering related to specific targets, their associates, and the revolving data around their lives. We also offer an examination of data in the complete analysis  of all data present within the scope of an investigation.


Data Analysis Services takes a bit by bit replicated and verifiable image from a device and analyzes the data for evidence of a criminal act or circumstantial evidence of that act. We can also perform file recovery. 

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Digital Executor Services
Tech Support for the Deceased

A Personalized Service of Digital Footprint and Forensics Support for the recently deceased's devices, internet assets, and assistance for next of kin in this journey.

OakThorn Digital will work with you to incorporate our services into your estate plan.  For executors of an estate, we will assist in device triage, and service discussions.

Cyber Security Training: Training for modern cyber intelligence and investigations. OakThorn Digital will train on all aspects of intelligence gathering, digital forensics in the field, digital assets and detection, etc.

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